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About Dom & Craig

Secret Service Band was formed in 1983 and has been thrilling audiences for over 3 decades. Band members Dom Albanese and Craig Phillips have been bringing on the fun all summer at the Jersey Shore (Atlantic City, Wildwood, Avalon, and over 30 years at The Ocean Drive in Sea Isle City). They spend winters in Philadelphia and surrounding areas bringing down the house with ultra-fun shows that surpass all others. They have performed in Las Vegas, Disney World, Cancun and the Bahamas!


The music is so diverse it is hard to believe it can all be performed by one band! Anything from Classic Rock to Hip Hop to Sinatra to Techno to Sing Alongs and Pop from all decades can be heard at every show. They are always ahead of other acts with fresh ideas that set them apart. Others copy, but they are the true originals with innovative, new ways to have FUN!


Weddings and parties with Secret Service Band are just better than the rest--MORE FUN! They orchestrate any event from start to finish with professional Emcee services along with jaw-dropping excitement and dancing that is unequaled. This is the only band that can satisfy ages from 5-75. They all party together like nobody else can do.


What’s next for Secret Service Band? Nobody knows, but you can be sure it will be a BLAST! While other acts are trying to keep up, Dom & Craig just keep raising the bar higher and higher.

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